Saturday, 10 December 2011

Activity plan and personal experience

1. activity plan
Vacationing in jakarta       
By:Elvin andrianto
Next week my family plans to vacation in Jakarta. We will depart on Monday, the exact date is 19 December 2011. Our family will leave the bus. Arriving there we will be looking for my uncle's house to rest. there we will eat together and tomorrow morning we will go to Dufan. Our bus will depart. when he got there we'll buy tickets to get into Dufan. in Dufan we enjoyed all the rides there. after that we will go to Ancol. in Ancol we bought glasses and tickets. then we would go into the locker room. there we will wear clothes to swim. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the beach Ancol. before night we came home to my uncle's house. we will rest. tomorrow morning we will return to Java.

2. personal experience

Vacationing in serulingmas
By:Elvin andrianto
Last Sunday me and my friends went to serulingmas. we went to serulingmas at 9 am. we got on the bus. on the bus we pay the cost of transportation is different from school days. Arriving there we bought the tickets for 3000 dollars. we went to the pool for exercise. we went to replace the previous chamber. after that we went swimming together. after swimming we went to the animal habitats. there we took pictures of beautiful animals. in the afternoon we took a break over lunch. after that we went to the computer store. Arriving there we buy computer equipment. after that we came out of the store to go home.

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Activity plan and personal experience
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