Friday, 11 November 2011

Hack facebook

This time we will HACK FACEBOOK empty handed or without software are many ways to hack facebook passwords or get password other people ranging from

memekai software or not but here I try to explain the easiest way in

Laing get facebook password without software assistance ... but from kecorobohan

target ...

Well my friends often nemuin facebook account terlogout someone who does it is a

facebook account let alone a big mistake a lot * chip chip chip thieves continue to ex-nich

wkwkw ... but friends of his confused way dapatin password but can only ngutak-ngatik

moment ...

How to get easy passwornya beud especially digunain Mozilla firefox ... hoho:
1. Click Save Password on the top of the tu
2 go to tools> options> Security> Saved Password> password shows
3. Tampih dech Emain and passwor target

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Hack facebook
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